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Our Patients Speak

Movement Restored

I grew up with the knowledge that my scoliosis would paralyze me someday.  Finally, I succumbed to major surgery, where two metal rods were placed on my spine to stop the curvature.  After that surgery, my motion was severly limited.  I lived with that lack of range in motion into my adult years.  After a year with headaches and migraines, I went in to see Dr. Kevin.  To my surprise, not only did he help to eliminate my headaches, I now have almost full range of motion in my neck. Something I haven’t had since childhood.  I received an unexpected new lease on life.  Thank you Dr. Kevin!

-Cinda H.

Back To My Life

I first came to Dr. Kevin when my back problems got so bad that I started needing to miss work.  With his help, I was able to understand that my problem started long before my pain began to keep me from the activities I love doing.  Today, I am now pain-free, haven’t missed a day of work because of my back and am able to enjoy activities I was afraid I would never be able to do again.  Thank you Dr. Kevin, for giving me my lifestyle back!.

-Kelly K.


Not Just A Number!

Dr. Krieger exhibits a more caring bedside manner than any physician I have known!  He makes you feel like he really cares about your progress and doesn’t make you feel rushed, or like you are just a number to him.

-Sandee P.

No More Pain Killers

I have being suffering with big pain on my neck for 18 months, I could not even lift a book to read, could not sew, I was feeling useless. My stomach was in troubles because of so much pain killers I had to take everyday for one and half year. I started a treatment with Doctor Kevin a month ago and the results are just incredible: I do not need pain killer anymore because my neck is almost 100% good, and I`m in the middle of the treatment, not done yet! I can sew for long time now, after Doctor Kevin works on my neck and back.  Thank you very much, your techniques really work!

-Maria G.

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