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How To Become A Patient

It’s As Easy As One, Two, Three

Make An Appointment To Attend
The “New Patient” Lifestyle Orientation
On Monday At 6:00pm.

The New Patient Lifestyle Orientation saves you time in helping you reach your health goals. There is No Charge for this orientation. You will learn what God’s design for “normal” is and how to identify “what your body is doing or not doing” in relation to how God created it. You will learn how your body can be restored to a normal state of well being, how to function at your highest level and what possible limitations might exist.

 Take the next step to your healthy lifestyle!

Take the next step to your healthy lifestyle!

After Attending The “New Patient” Lifestyle Orientation,
Make An Appointment For Your Initial Evaluation.

At the New Patient Lifestyle Orientation you will receive the necessary paperwork to complete (or you can download it right here on our website) and bring back with you to your initial appointment with Dr. Kevin.  Dr. Kevin will then do a thorough examination to determine the subluxations that are interfering with your body’s ability to function at its optimum level. Please also be assured that if we see situations that we cannot help, we will inform you. Where we can help, we will discuss and share with you. You will then choose if you want relief only, or a total correction, enabling your body to grow away from the problem and be restored to a normal state. “Normal” is the way God designed your body to function in the first place.

Choose The Level Of Care That Will Help You
Attain Your Optimum Health And Peak Performance.

You choose what is important to you and your family. If relief is your only goal, please tell us that right up front. Should you desire to get to the root of the problem, make proper corrections and grow away from the problem, then by all means, let us know that too!  That is what we specialize in. We manage each patient by correcting the subluxations which interfere with your normal daily living. We are here to help you be restored to a state of health and wellness the way our Creator designed your body to be.
Make an Appointment