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Impulse Technique

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Understanding the needs of our patients is important to us.  At Chiropractic, Plain & Simple we strive to make a difference with cutting edge technology in the world of health. Because there has always been a strong consideration for organic produce, antibiotic-free poultry, growth hormone-free milk and a myriad of other all-natural products, we have recognized the importance of assisting our patients in ways they can live happy, healthier lifestyles.

Impulse adjusting instrument

Over 15 years of research and engineering has gone into the design of the Impulse adjusting instrument.

Since everyone we know would prefer natural over artificial, authentic over phony and truth over a lie, we have researched the world leaders for methods and ways to most effectively help our patients have the lifestyle they choose for themselves and their families.

In the world of chiropractic there are various methods of adjusting the spine. We have chosen to use instrument adjusting because of its precision, effectiveness and the fact that there is no twisting, cracking, pulling, or jerking. Combined with college education and years in practice, our knowledge and expertise continues to keep abreast of research and technology for your benefit.

Precise Results

We are happy to be among the leaders of our profession in bringing to you the newest generation of instrument adjusting with the Impulse IQ. One of the highlighted features of the impulse IQ is the computerized sensor in the head of the instrument that indicates exactly when your adjustment is complete, leaving positively no doubt in the patient’s mind when a correction has been made.

It gives us great pleasure in bringing the best of the scientific world to you and all the families of our community as we correct one spine at a time. Health is your God-given birthright; we are here to help you keep it.

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