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Put Over 40 Years of Experience to Work For You

Dr. Russ Pavkov has been an active subluxation based chiropractor since his graduation from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, January of 1969. He began his own practice in the small farming community of Sterling, Ohio, with a population of only 500 residents.

Sarasota Chiropractic Consulting

A chiropractor looking to advance your practice? Dr. Pavkov can help!

However, Dr. Pavkov has always had a big vision to take chiropractic to the far reaching parts of the world. He has enjoyed a high volume family practice which financially provided him opportunity to spend time in other continents developing chiropractic programs. He has successfully introduced chiropractic as a separate and distinct branch of the healing arts in the countries of Argentina, South America and in Ghana, Africa. In an effort to fulfill his noble vision of seeing every man, woman and child healthy through chiropractic, Dr. Pavkov developed an associate program enabling his vision to be duplicated through other chiropractors.

After 25 years of mentoring associates through comprehensive training, Dr. Pavkov began a career in coaching other doctors and practices with systems which have effectively multiplied the numbers of individuals and families receiving chiropractic care throughout the country and ultimately throughout the world. His utilization of systems and resources, congruent with his vision, passion and belief, have successfully promulgated lifetime care for everyone.

If your practice is stagnant, or in need of a better approach to reaching others with a proven method of success for converting patients to a better path of lifetime wellness, put Dr. Pavkov to work today. Call our office at (941) 331-4334 or email Dr. Pavkov directly at