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Welcome to Chiropractic, Plain & Simple

FREE! Lifestyle Orientations

Take control of you health, it’s your God-given birthright!

You can manage your family’s health with little or no costly drugs and prescriptions.

Join Dr. Kevin Krieger & Dr. Russel Pavkov to
hear Dr. Kevin explain, in practical ways, how you can help yourself.

Every Monday at 6pm
3641 Bahia Vista Street (Pinecraft)

*Just East of Beneva Rd. with convenient, rear-building Bicycle Parking from Birky Street.

Avoid the run-arounds that are expensive and keep people just like you
from being well. Learn how the body is designed to last for a lifetime
in a state of well being and what part you can play.

Enjoy an active healthy lifestyle. You deserve it!

Call today (941) 331-4334!

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