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You… Amplified. Your Body Is The Key.

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If you’ve spent any time working on your athletic performance, you know it takes many factors coming together to give you your record best. One factor you might not have considered is that your body’s alignment can play a significant role.

At Chiropractic Plain & Simple, we know that when your body is out of alignment, even before it can focus on giving it’s best performance, it must first compensate for this functional short-coming. Energy must be diverted to this task instead. When this happens, your performance can be hindered. What do we mean?

Structure Effects Function

Your Lifestyle On Your Terms - Your Body Is The Key

Your Lifestyle On Your Terms – Your Body Is The Key

Your brain controls everything. When it comes to performance, your brain is a key component to tell the rest of your body what to do.

But what happens if the information hindered?

You guessed it. Your body will not perform as you think it should. That’s where we come in. We want to help you get your body to a place it performs to it’s optimal level, not only for your performance today – but more importantly, your performance throughout the rest of your life.

So if you’ve ever wondered if your body was holding you back… If your curious to learn more about this brain-body connection and the percentage at which your body is performing in it’s functional movement….

We can help.

Dr. Kevin’s post-graduate study in both functional movement and active isolated stretching helps him, not just address the initial complaints, but look deeper at the way a patient’s whole body is performing. And this makes the difference, both in recovery and in improved performance.

Our Bodies Are Programmed For Performance.

There is a master symmetry to the way your body was created and designed. It functions together to achieve its optimum performance for the lifestyle you choose. Amazingly resilient & adaptable to the stress we put them through, our bodies are programmed to accomplish what we ask of them. No matter what.

If Your Body Can’t Accomplish the Task Directly, It Will Find Another Way.

This automatic compensation can be especially helpful in a temporary need. In fact, often our bodies become so efficient in these compensatory patterns that we don’t even realize they’ve been established. But if these patterns come to be established permanently, they will create weakness which then leads to increased chances for bodily injury in the future.

When it Comes to Optimal Performance, Your Body’s God-Given Symmetry Needs to be Restored.

At our office, we start with the spine and look to correct these imbalances in your symmetry. This helps your body return to the way it was designed to function normally.

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