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The Simple Truth About Chiropractic

It’s Really This Simple

It’s Effective. Because the nervous system controls your entire body, and chiropractic care helps restore nervous system integrity, chiropractic care has been known to help a variety of health issues.
It’s Natural. Simply put, chiropractic care doesn’t add chemicals to your body. And it doesn’t remove parts. Instead, it seeks to restore proper control and regulation of your body so health can return, naturally.

Sarasota Chiropractor

The Simple Truth About Chiropractic

It’s Safe. Chiropractic care is so safe, even newborns get adjusted to correct the spinal trauma from the birth process!
There’s No Side Effect. Any “side effects” tend to be positive effects. Such as better balance, more energy, increased vitality and improved coordination.
It’s the Smart Choice. It makes sense to correct the underlying cause rather than fool the body with drugs. Studies show that chiropractic patients tend to be better educated. If you know someone you think we could help, we hope you’ll send him or her our way.

Can You Get Addicted?

One thing that keeps some people from our chiropractic benefits: they’re afraid that they will somehow get “addicted” to our care!

While many of our patients choose to come in on a regular basis when they’re feeling great, they don’t have to. They want to. For…

  • Early detection, before symptoms
  • Avoiding a relapse of their original problem
  • Being their best and staying well

These are choices patients make, based on their understanding of what we do and how they value their health. I guess it’s mostly about priorities.

Remember, you get to choose how much attention you want to give your health. We honor that choice. Sure, we explain the benefits of periodic checkups, but our job is to offer the finest chiropractic care possible, and then it’s entirely up to you to decide how much of it you want.

Is This Really A Science?

Don’t be misled by the “low-tech” nature of chiropractic adjustments! There are a growing number of studies that suggest the chiropractic approach to reducing nerve disturbance along the spine, may enhance the ability of the brain and nerve system to control and regulate the body.

These include published research documenting the results of chiropractic care on asthma, infantile colic, immune function, dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps), improving vision and brain function, lower back pain, one’s overall health status and many others.

The “scientific” argument is largely a red herring and the sign of a double standard. Medical economist David Eddy, MD, Ph.D., observes that only 15% of medical procedures have ever been scientifically verified, and the other 85% of common medical procedures have no “scientific basis!”

Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding. Ask our delighted patients whether chiropractic is scientific.

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